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We wish to thank the eight hundred and twenty-two people who supported and voted for us. Many thanks to all of you who helped us to get two members elected onto Pollensa council and have made it possible for Alternativa Pollença to become the third most-voted party in Pollensa

Since the elections, Alternativa Pollença have been busy making offers and negotiating for real change in the way we do politics in Pollença. We would have liked to have reached agreement with other parties but this has not been possible.

 Alternativa Pollença support citizen participation, with monthly official town-hall meetings with the mayor and civil servants to demand and develop full transparency and maximum efficiency in public spending.

We hope, never the less, that the new council will now make absolute transparency a basic principle in all matters relating to the management of our public money. We also wish to know the exact state of our municipal finances as soon as possible.

We are aware that we have an important responsibility not only to our constituents but to all citizens. We are now the leading opposition party and give notice that we will be taking our responsibility very seriously. It is already on the table that the new government will encounter much criticism but, also, many ideas, projects and questions. In opposition, we will be working in the most constructive way possible. We will be forthright in demanding accountability from the new coalition government but will also give praise where due.

Years and years of neglect and bad practice have led our Town Hall into dire financial straits. The 2010 accounts are still not signed off, a new budget still remains to be approved, cash-flow is slowing, ... there are a lot of issues which demand much hard work. Some, like the beaches of the Port, the Pollensa day centre and Cala St. Vicenç require immediate attention. Add to this the state of our pavements, children's playgrounds and much-needed beautification and it is evident that political consensus will be essential to tackle the many issues confronting us..



Gracies, Pepe

jrv | 28/06/2011, 12:25

Ho intentaré de bell nou. Cada vegada m'agrada mes aquest blog pluriligue, idioma prevalent per motiu d'alla on es troba, el català.



John | 28/06/2011, 07:46

Inglish you are confussing democracu, with you lesson of intolerance we can call you Bullshit!!
Congratullations Pepe for you work.


Re: Thanks

inglish | 27/06/2011, 21:42

No has tengut collons ni d'emplear un trist traductor de google per intentar escriure en catala o castella i vens a donar lliçons de democracia? I vols que tots mos esforcem en llegir els teus, no? I damunt tots mos hem de baixar u colsons per contestar en angles?
Au, pollo, au,...


Re: Thanks

Pepe | 27/06/2011, 21:05

JRV, has mirat que és el que ha identificat com spam, al meu cas no m'ha deixat escriure gràcies en angles .


Re: Thanks

Pepe | 27/06/2011, 21:04

OK Dave, Pollença is essential to improve the involvement of citizens and politicians remember their obligations


council meetings

annika | 27/06/2011, 20:28

Cutting down the council meetings will just make us trust the governing parties even less.What we need is to be informed and we need transparency.As Dave commented Council meetings are needed to ensure transparency and democracy.Cutting them down from one every month to one every two months is a very big step backwards....wonder if they can´t put up with so many parties in the opposition.....can be hard work!!


Anglés a Urxella.

jrv | 27/06/2011, 19:44

Benvolguts amics: he intentat per dues vegades transmetre comentartis en anglés, i el "big brother" no m'ho ha permés. Tal volta haurieu de posar els mitjans per permetrer-ho. Gracies.


Politicians - who do they represent?

Dave | 27/06/2011, 18:42

One Pollensa politician has been 25 times more efficient serving the public, presenting 94 motions in council meetings, compared to the mere 24 motions filed by the other 6 politicians together PP and UMP (pro capita). Pepe Garcia from Alternativa Pollença has presented suggestions and questions in council meetings from the people of Pollensa consistently and thus been the main leader of the opposition.
The PP of Pollensa is demanding less council meetings but wants the same pay for less work. This is "fraud" and is unacceptable. Council meetings are needed to ensure transparency and democracy.
A ranking chart would evaluate political effectiveness, allowing us to see at a glance who just wants to fill a seat and receive public pay and who is working for us. We could see which parties give us value for our rates and fullfit their obligations and commitments towards the citizens.
Perhaps we, the citizens of Pollensa, have no right to receive value for our money. Perhaps we do not deserve accountable politicians to represent us? If we do not watch what they do, can we complain? There is little "customer service" from our politicians. Having elected them to represent us, politicians must not be allowed to forget that they get their mandates from us, the people. Democracy is too precious to be abrogated by us to career-politicians.

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