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Alternativa | 01 Juliol, 2011 08:47 | facebook.com twitter.com

In the last Pollensa council meeting the government withdrew its proposal to hold council meetings every two months. This proposal had been rejected by all opposition groups. The council will now meet as before on the last Thursday of each month. We have proposed new rules allowing the public to participate in the council plenary sessions, to make it easier for citizens to contribute .

We appreciate the move taken by the new government team to reduce from six to three the fulltime counsellors in the townhall. This means that only three counsellors will receive a full salary for full-time work: the Mayor, the Delegate for finance and culture and the delegate for Tourism, Environment and the local police. These salaries have also not been increased which is also a positive step. We consider that the first to give an example of austerity should be the politicians, this way people can become more aware of the current pitiful financial situation of our townhall.




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