November plenary session

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This November plenary session approved several motions, some stated here
* To split payments of local taxes, IBI, refuse-collection and vehicle tax. There
will be two payment options, of four or eight payments. To apply you should
have no previous debts and the request has to be presented before the 10th
of February.
*A loan has been requested of “ICO” of € 501.555,04. The amount could
have gone up to € 611.000 but many bills have no legal contracts and the
council wants to take no responsibility for this matter.
*The minister of tourism is requested to sign a new agreement between the
municipality of Pollensa and the Government of the Balearic Islands to release
€ 5,7 millions, agreed in May 2011 and that this new agreement is not
subjected to the theatre–auditourium building that never proceeded and that
the town council of Pollensa can choose investment priorities in our
municipality to improve tourism potential.
*To urge the Government of the Balearic Islands to defend the welfare state
particularly education, the health services and social services, among others.
*It was not possible to remove the “zona azul” payment parking zones due to
a defeated vote. A commitment however has been made to change the “ zona
azul” areas and to consider lowering the price for this service. A plan to
improve parking, traffic signals and pedestrian crossings will go forward


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