New ordinance of the occupation of public spaces

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Nearly two weeks ago the new ordinance of the occupation of public spaces with tables, chairs and other complementary elements and the use of terraces  was initially approved.

It  was urgently approved by the mayor's vote and supported by the vote of the UMP. The rest of the opposition groups voted against.This is mainly because of the haste and the lack of previous meetings. Despite our requests  we where not given a couple of days to study the matter and among other things to do  a extraordinary plenary session . It had to be approved “yes or yes”  last Thursday to be effective on the first of May, ... Well as in the day of today it  has not been published   in the BOIB (Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands)  http://www.caib.es/boib/index.do?lang=en

 This is a real political work around . Five hours before the plenary session  we received incomplete mappings of the areas.

We think we need a new ordinance improving the actual one,here under we share the plans and maps :




We hope your ideas, input, opinions


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