The implementation of the program TAAC

Alternativa | 20 Juliol, 2012 14:32 | facebook.com twitter.com

Last Friday, residents Novaetat-Pollença Center welcomed the summer with a party where in addition to a good snack (by the cooking workshop) could enjoy a recital of poetry and also  the implementation of the program TAAC. This initiative of Mark Makoski, is seeking to improve the quality of life for residents through the contact with animals. The experience was totally positive, and some benefits were observed in the expression of the residents with smiles and increased attention. In some moment there was a slight resistance and fear to the touch of the animals, but this soon turned into curiosity about the animals and their owners. This was the first of many meetings that are scheduled for July.

In these times when we often just remember the animals when we find a “little present” on the sidewalk ,we want to make people see the great social work that many of these animals do in our society whether they are rescue dogs, guide dogs or just company animals.

For us that love animals are aware of the responsibility of having one and we are aware of the respect that should be kept to other citizens, but we also  consider that we need   greater effort to adapt some of our public spaces so they can be shared with our animals .

Instead of putting up signs threatening with fines,  we need more bins   where we can deposit the faeces and the platicbags to pick them up as they are always empty.

Moreover,  experiences like the TAAK program helps to make ​​this world a more caring and livable for all.


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