Necessary changes. Natura Parc

Alternativa | 28 Setembre, 2012 15:29 | facebook.com twitter.com

 The so-called  Kennel Natura Parc Foundation in Santa Eugenia  works as pinfold for 42 municipalities on the island, one of them is Pollensa. Animals that are there and are out for adoption can only be viewed on  Internet, there is no chance to see them "live" or visit the kennel. They will not even let volunteers to enter to help and give some love to the animal. An incredible secrecy coming from a kennel that works for and with public money.

We do not consider "normal" the state of neglect that we have found the  dogs rescued from this kennel. We have received numerous complaints from people who have adopted or recovered an animal , receiving them  sick, starving, and full of parasites.What  conditions do these poor animals live in? What does the kennel hide?! They have filed more than 70 denunciations to the Counceling Department asking for more transparency but up to today there has been no responce.

A demonstration is convened on Saturday the 20 of October in Natura Parc  and Alternativa por Pollença   endorse the requests of the organizers of the demostration.

We ask that the kennel to open to the public, it is essential  that the citizens can see the animals they wish to adopt.

We want the Kennel to  authorize the  entry of volunteers so they are able to walk and give a little company to the animals (awaiting sacrifice). We know that dogs and cats need human contact to receive affection and attention, and that the great work of all the volunteers allow the  animals find families in which they"fit" perfectly.

Public administration cannot work with this lack of transparency



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