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Every day more cases of corruption come to light affecting virtually all politic representatives of the country. It affects the governing party and affects most of the regions. It affects the main opposition party which also governs in other communities. It affects the government in Catalonia, the employers, judiciary and, of course, the Royal House. Don´t forget that in Baleares we are governed by the political party with the most cases of corruption, we have a former prime minister and a former president of the Parlament and the Council of Mallorca who are all being investigated for numerous cases of corruption,as well as a long list of defendants .

Not to expect that the corrupted become transparent as this would mean that they have to show  their miseries. Our politicians are nothing more than a representation of what we have in our society. Corruption starts at the individual level, in families, small businesses and associations, municipalities and governments.

We have to start a new model of society based on an  individual and collective responsibility. What better way to compensate for minor corruptions that  we all have committed  by working together for a better and more transparent society. It is important to investigate corruption and bring  the responsible to justice and if necessary se them end up in jail and also returning what they stole.

When we  watch the news, it seems like everything in our society is corrupt. But if we open our eyes we can see that many solidarity platforms are born,there is alternatives to a more sustainable economic model and a growing respect for the planet . There are ethical banks, there are NGOs, there is fair trade ... Every day we met people that are generous and supportive, good people ... I would say that we are majority.

The truth is that that we cannot go back and reconstruct the past, but we can always start building a new future.


                                                                                             Joan Cifre Cerdà


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