This is our commitment

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This is our commitment

The municipal elections are due at the end of May 2011 and Alternativa Pollença is  facing these last months with loads of energy .We have got our list together of the people who will represent us on our electoral list. Pepe Garcia,  heading  Alternativa Pollença,  has shown that it is possible to  have a responsible and constructive opposition. Since 2003 we get together every month and in these monthly assemblies, where everyone  is welcome to join, we discuss  and propose alternatives for this town.  All the votes are equally valid and  everyone is  free to express their own view.

Our  electoral list is based on a group of people with illusion, faith and ability  in changing  the municipality  of  Pollensa for the better.

We have shown that  Alternativa Pollença is a serious project ,  and now it is time to show that we can  govern. Our companions that hopefully enter the townhall will prove that things can be done differently  by listening to people and govern for all and with common sense.

We are citizens, not wanting any personal privileges; we just want to change our closest environment, our municipality and the present political  ethics. It is time to recover Pollensa with serious and severe work,  encouraging  transparency and communication. The money of the citizens should be managed with honesty and  efficiency ; this is our commitment.

 In the plenary sessions  Alternativa has questioned the present government team about several topics like irregularity of contracts of the mobility plan, irreguarality in  the concession   of our beach,illegal billing of the townhall and the disastrous economical  situation.

We will keep you informed on what is going on in the plenary sessions and  the motions we present  in English  so that the English speaking  can keep updated about our town.You can also find us on facebook.


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